Phlebotomy Certification

phlebotomist blood vial
The healthcare sector is growing at a fast pace and there is a continuous demand for educated and well trained individuals in this area. Phlebotomy is one such profession which is experiencing explosive growth. Phlebotomy refers to the process of extracting blood from individuals for analysis purposes. A certification recognizes individuals in phlebotomy field to be competent enough to work in laboratories, hospitals and private and public clinics.

Phlebotomy certification is compulsory in only two states in United States and these include California and Louisiana. Most hospitals, clinics and laboratories prefer to employ individuals possessing certification. It is advisable to obtain the certification rather than losing out on a chance of getting a good job.

Phlebotomy certification gives an added edge to individuals in this field. The American Society for Clinical pathologists, American Society of Phlebotomy technicians and National Phlebotomy Association provide certification to individuals. Two types of candidates can undertake certification in phlebotomy field. The first kind includes individuals who have completed training courses in phlebotomy field. The second kind of individuals includes those who have practical experience in the field.

The requirements to get certification from American Society of Clinical Pathologists includes high school graduation, 40 hours of classroom study, 120 hours of practical training and 100 independent blood collections. The requirements of Association of Phlebotomy technicians is completion of phlebotomy training program from accredited institute, 100 documented and successful venipunctures, current membership of APT and 5 skin punctures successfully conducted.

Individuals with one year of experience in this field can attend training program and qualify for phlebotomy certification through National Phlebotomy Association. To qualify for this certification the training program should include venipuncture techniques, 160 hours of classroom study and hands on practical internship.

It is advisable for individuals to get certification from an accredited phlebotomy college or training institute. Individuals possessing a high school diploma or those with experience in phlebotomy can get certification in this field. Another option available to interested students is to get certification through online institutes. These online exams can be taken by individuals who attend accredited training courses in phlebotomy and those who have actual hands on experience in this field.

The phlebotomy training courses teach the anatomy, physiology aspects of phlebotomy along with venipuncture techniques and administrative aspects. The training courses also teach individuals ways of interacting with the patients and maintaining records. It is advisable for students keen on getting phlebotomy certification to obtain actual practical training after passing the phlebotomy exam. In some phlebotomy institutes students actually get the opportunity to work in practical settings like hospitals, clinics and laboratories. Such training institutes should be selected after careful research.

After completing training with a training institute and after getting certification, a phlebotomist can get job in an entry level position in this field. After some years of experience and further training individuals can work in supervisory position or take up other responsibilities in the health care sector. However additional training may be needed in these cases.