phlebotomy careers in drug testing for sports

Phlebotomy Careers in Drug Testing for Sports like Bodybuilding

When you talk about careers in Phlebotomy most people think of working in a hospital or a clinic, but there are actually a wide variety of jobs available in the phlebotomy field. Have you considered working in the field of drug-testing for sports? It’s a big issue, and most athletic organizations and competitions take it Read More

Traveling Phlebotomy Jobs

Phlebotomy is a profession with great demand. This is because the increasing population requires large number of well trained and experienced phlebotomists. A phlebotomist possesses all the skills necessary for drawing blood so that it can be effectively analysed. A phlebotomist can get employment in a public hospital, private practice of even health care and Read More

Red Cross Phlebotomy Training

A phlebotomist is a trained professional responsible for drawing blood from patients for testing purposes. Such individuals work with hospital, private practices and health care centres. With appropriate training individuals can adhere to the safety norms and extract blood efficiently. Red Cross Phlebotomy training is among the different training institutes that teach the intricacies of Read More

How To Become A Phlebotomist

Phlebotomists are health care technicians trained to extract blood from individuals for the purpose of testing it. This is a profession in demand with the increasing population and increasing illnesses. A phlebotomist works in hospitals, private clinics and laboratories. In order to learn how to become a phlebotomist it is important to get all the Read More

Phlebotomy Jobs

A phlebotomist is a trained professional having experience of drawing blood and storing it for analysis purposes. The duties of phlebotomists include drawing blood, storing of samples, labeling of samples and analyzing it. Well trained and certified individuals have better chance of getting good phlebotomy jobs compared to those who do not have certification. A Read More

Phlebotomist Salary

Phlebotomy is an upcoming profession in the health sector. A well trained phlebotomist is extremely efficient in drawing blood for analysis purposes. The employment opportunities for trained phlebotomists are quite good and most hospitals, clinics and laboratories seek trained and certified phlebotomists. The salary figures of a phlebotomist are also quite decent particularly in case Read More